Credit card machines are as essential to a merchant account as the actual business is. Without a credit card machine or virtual terminal merchants are unable to process credit or payments. Selecting the correct credit card machine for your business size, needs, and volume can be a daunting task, but we’re here to change that. We takes the hassle out of choosing the correct credit card machine. We offer all customers a free consultation and quote for a merchant account, the fact is we will beat your current rates every time and have a 99% merchant account approval rate.

Choosing the correct credit card machine depends on a multiple factors and we are trained on the latest technology, payment solutions, and compatibility of all supported credit card machines. We understand your business needs and we will work with you until you have the perfect payment setup.


What is a Credit Card Machine?

A credit card machine is a piece of equipment a business owner or merchant’s use to process transactions for goods or services rendered. As a simple piece of technology, credit card machines are a counter top payment system that stores and sends customers payment information to obtain authorizations, process refunds, and ultimately send funds to a merchants bank account.

Traditional credit card machines consist of a 2-3 inch screen basic lit-up to high quality color screens, a thermal printer, a card reader consisting of 3 tracks that read credit card magstripe data, a user friendly keypad, and an optional external PIN pad for PIN based debit transactions.

  • Credit card machines offer multiple payment support giving merchants to choice to accept the 4 major card types (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), credit, PIN based debit, EBT, electronic checks, gift cards and more.
  • Credit card machines work via 4 types of communication depending on the model your business requires. We offer standard dial up machines, ethernet (IP), wireless network, or WiFi.
  • Virtual terminal support.

What types of credit card machines are available?

We offer the most popular terminals on the market from the top terminal manufactures around the world. We offer our merchants:

Verifone Credit Card Machines

Verifone if one of the most respected credit card machine manufactures on the market. Verifone terminals offer merchants a reliable, secure, work horse terminals that can keep up with growing line and demanding business.

The most popular Verifone credit card machines are the VX510DC, VX510, and the VX520. All terminals offer easy to use solutions for our merchants.

The Verifone operating system offers advanced features, easy navigation, and reliable communication for when you need it the most.

Hypercom Credit Card Machines

Hypercom is the best selling credit card machine manufacture in the history. Its no wonder they are so highly regarded. Thanks to Hypercoms superior reliability merchants often report their machines to last 12-15 years!

We offer the most popular Hypercom terminals on the market that cover all merchant needs. We offer the choice of the Hypercom T4220 ethernet based terminal that offers superior authorization speed, print time, and security.

The Hypercom M4230 is the wireless terminal of the Hypercom line. The M4230 offers the same usability and design as the T4220, but offers a wireless solution for merchants on the go or at craft shows.

Nurit Credit Card Machine

Nurit, owned by Lipman offer great credit card machines for business of all types. Nurit offer the easiest user navigation on the market. Nurit terminals are a top choice for credit card machine for small business owners.

We offer the Nurit 8020 wireless terminal for our merchants on the go. The Nurit 8020 is the top choice for our merchants who process payments at craft fairs, shows, and on the road.

Virtual Credit Card Machine

A virtual credit card machine, or often called a virtual terminal allows merchants an alternative to the standard credit card machine.

A virtual credit card machine offers the same superior ease of use, security, and features you would expect, just at a lower cost.

This is the perfect solution for merchants who process a low volume of transactions.

What are the Best Types of Credit Card Machines?

The best credit card machine really depends on your needs as a merchant. Selecting the right terminal is more than just picking the newest technology on the market.

Selecting the right credit card machine for your business can make or break a customers payment experience.

We consult all new merchants to get an understanding for your business setup, how your business is laid out, and what your payment needs are.

This mean getting the right machine the first time, and one that will work seamlessly with your business.

One of the biggest factors in choosing the right solution is selecting the right communication type.

This is something that is often overlooked but is a very prominent problem in the payment card industry. We are extensively trained on how equipment communicates, modem interaction, VOIP and roll over systems.

You can be sure you will have the right equipment  programmed correctly the first time.

Credit Card Machine vs Virtual Terminal

Merchants often look for alternative payment solutions for their business.

Thanks to evolving technology merchants are able to setup a complete POS system using an existing computer, a provided USB card reader ($150 value), and simply login to our very user friendly payment interface.

Our gateway is the ideal solution for merchants of all types. It is a private label version, meaning you get the same award winning payment interface, for a deeply discounted price complete with a website and free USB card reader.

A credit card machine and virtual terminal provide the same functions, really in just a different package. A virtual terminal is often a good choice over a standard credit card machine due to its instant setup and low cost.

Gateway charges start at just $15.00 as opposed to a traditional retail merchant account.

Credit Card Machine Compatibility

Credit card machine compatibility really depends on your current business setup.

Depending on your location and layout, we offer a solution for all needs and spaces. Generally speaking, a credit card machine will need at least 2 wired connections to function.

You will need access to a standard analog telephone line, and access to a power source. It’s a common practice to see a credit card machine unable to reach a phone line without the use of long phone lines and splitters.

The problem is, the longer the phone line and the more connections the terminal has between the wall and telelphone port on the credit card machine causes a weaken or static filled line.

If you were to pick up a phone, odds are you wouldn’t hear this, but your terminal sure does.

If you are unable to run a standard telephone line and power supply, we offer credit card machines that can hook up to your internet router, WiFi, or connect wireless.

Standard Credit Card Machine Models

We offer the most popular credit card machines on the market to our merchants. When it comes to choosing which terminals we offer, we put the credit card machines to the test before we deploy any equipment to ensure proper functionality right out of the box.

The terminal selection process focuses on functionality, reliability, and of course ease of use. Not on bright shiny plastic and higher markups. We want our merchants using proven, reliable technology that will keep your business moving as opposed to whatever has the best profit margin.

Our credit card machines selected for our merchants are top of the line solutions business of all sizes and needs can quickly learn and adapt to. We offer the latest choices from Hypercom, Nurit, Verifone, and Ingenico, as well as contact less payment support both built in or external credit card machines.


Hypercom 4205 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom 4205 credit card machine is a great low cost, PCI approved terminal that is a perfect choice for merchants in need of an entry level credit card machine that can handle it all.

The Hypercom 4205 is the base version of the Hypercom 4200 series terminals. The 4205 offers standard dial up communication, 15 line per second printing speed, fast authorization times and is expandable to allow for all payment types like credit, internal or external PIN based debit, EBT, gift cards, electronic checks, and contactless payments.

Hypercom 4220 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom 4220 runs off the same easy to use terminal platform as the 4205, but offers merchants added functionality.

The 4220 supports up to 24MB of memory for the ability to support all payment applications  prints an industry leading 18 lines per second, and processes via an IP (ethernet) signal.

Under the hood, the Hypercom 4220 runs off the same merchant favorite operating system as the 4205 and M4230.

Hypercom M4230 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom M4230 is the premier terminal of the popular Hypercom 4200 series. The M4230 offers the same amazing payment functionality as the 4220 and 4205, but processing transactions via a wireless connection.

The M4230 is a favorite pick for merchants who process on the go, have no access to a phone line or internet, or processes transactions at craft shows and fairs.

Nurit 8020 Credit Card Machine

The Nurit 8020 is the go-to wireless terminal of the Nurit line. Offering an extremely user friendly payment experience, the Nurit 8020 is one of the most popular and common credit card machines to see powering the transportation industry, crafters, fireworks stands, seasonal business or any merchant looking for an advanced payment solution with an affordable price tag.

The Nurit 8020 holds hundreds of transactions, offers superior wireless connections, and an easy to navigate payment screen and user menu.

Verifone VX520 Credit Card Machine

The Verifone VX520 is the newest edition to the popular Verifone VX line of machines. The VX520 bosts powerful payment processing, a large full color touchscreen, dial, IP, or wireless options, NFC capabilities, contact less payment support, and massive 160mb expandable to 500mb of memory that can handle any payment application or transaction volume you let it.

Verifone VX510DC Credit Card Machine

The Verifone VX510DC is by far the most popular choice among merchants and the top seller of the Verifone VX line of terminals.

Offering 6MB of memory, the VX510DC allows business’s of all sizes a easy, quick, and user friendly payment experience.

The VX510DC is a dual communcations terminal meaning that it primarily processes payments via IP (ethernet), and in the event you ever experience and internet outage the terminal automatically reverts to a standard dial up payment communication.

Verifone VX510 Credit Card Machine

The Verifone VX510 is the entry level terminal of the popular Verifone VX line.

The VX510 is a standard dial up credit card machine that is perfect for small business, lower ticket volume merchants, or merchants without internet access for a IP terminal like the VX510DC.

Our merchants love the simplistic navigation, easy processing, and reliability. If you are a merchant in need of a great entry level credit card machine, check out the VX510.

Ingenico ICT220 Credit Card Machine

The Ingenico ICT 220 is the newest in the renowned line of terminals from Ingenico. The ICT220 features a giant easy to read screen, contactless payment support, 32MB of memory, and standard dialup or ethernet (IP) capabilities.

The ICT220 is fully PCI-DSS secured, requires a small amount of counter space, and is the perfect solution for merchants looking for a good entry level ethernet credit card machine.

Ingenico ICT250 Credit Card Machine

The Ingenico ICT250 is the latest in the ICT line of credit card machines from maker Ingenico.

The ICT250 has the same great features as the ICT250 but with the addition of a large, bright color screen and multiple color options.

With a print time of 18 lines per second and ethernet capabilities you can be sure your line will keep moving.

Top Credit Card Machine Pick

Our top credit card machine pick is the Verifone VX510DC. The VX510DC is the perfect all around credit card machine for business of all types.

Featuring a dual communicating modem for both dial up and ethernet connections, 6mb of memory, the ability to store 200+ transactions before batching, reliability, and ease of use make this terminal both our and our merchants top pick.


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